2007 Niepoort, Charme, Douro

2007 Niepoort, Charme, Douro

Tasted and drunk non blind from Riedel Sommelier Hermitage glass 3rd of March 2012.  Note inspired by SAT from WSET. http://www.wsetglobal.com/documents/dipsat_wine26.04.11.pdf

Appearance and nose:

At opening: Transparent ruby with medium (+) intensity. Raspberry, currant and very delicate leather notes.
After five hours: Toasty coffee-beans. Dark sweet plum and dark chocolate. Still fine raspberry aroma characteristics.


Dry and then it evolves in all over your palate! Velvety soft tannins that coats every corner on your palate. Medium (+) flavor intensity, medium acidity. Only medium body, maybe even medium (-). Alcohol is 13,5% and well balanced. Flavour characteristics of strawberry, raspberry and a huge field of flowers. Only a touch of leather and spice from the oak ageing. Black schist and a slight mintyness that keeps the wine very fresh. After five hours open it just evolves even further and brings in coffee and chocolate notes. The taste lingers on for a long time in complete balance, where the fruit intensity balances the mature fruit.


This is an outstanding wine because of it’s fantastic balance and freshness. Very nice complexity, but never looses focus on the primary fruit. I think this wine will develop over the next 5 – 10 years, but it taste so fantastic right now that I will have problems keeping my hands away.

Rating on my 100 point scale: 95 points.

Very charming Niepoort



  1. Great review, Frederik!

    I agree that Charme is a fabulous wine and Dirk Niepoort a fascinating man. It’s worth adding that the 08 Charme is brilliant too.

  2. […] 2007 Niepoort, Charme, Douro – hold da op en fantastisk vin. En vin hvor balance og friskhed kører den op i en spids. Fine fine noter af jordbær spillede perfekt sammen med en anelse underliggende noter fra fadlagringen. Så smukt harmoneret og med en super sappy karakter! 95/100. ”Smager som Bourgogne” ville være nemt at skrive, men den er alligevel sin egen kat på gården. En vin man godt kunne hælde ned i store slurke… Let afkølet var den en herlig ledsager til laksen. Komplet note her […]

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