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This is a tasting note according to WSET Diploma Systematic Approach to Tasting WineThe game is easy: guess the wine in my glass, and the person closest to the right wine will get a bottle of wine from me! Don’t get scared, just play along. Only guesses as comments on this Blog, will count.

Appearance: Bright, medium (-), garnet, with red core. Small legs.

Nose: Clean,  medium, with developing notes. Notes of red cherries, fresh plums, leather and dry wood. Herbaceous notes of blackcurrant leaf and fresh basil.

Palate: Dry, medium (+) acidity, medium (+) coarse tannins, medium alcohol, medium body, medium (+) intensity. Notes in balance with the nose: red cherries, some raisins. Oak flavours, toast, cedar. Good balance between acidity, sweetness in the fruit and the flavour intensity. Medium (+) length.

Very good quality, with nice concentration. Can drink now, but will develop further over the next 5 – 10 years.




  1. Isak Broe siger:

    Anders Halskov-Jensen seems to be on the right track, if not right on target? Many descriptors above are in deed suggesting sangiovese – except, perhaps, “blackcurrant leaf”, which is probably why AHL finds a bit of cabernet in there too? To this I would add, that the wine is modern-styled.

    However, “fresh plum” and (especially) “raisin”-notes suggests a slightly riper-styled wine, which in combination with “leather” and “developing notes” makes me think of a Brunello. Most Brunellos, though, would be at least medium(+) bodied?? Poirot’s little grey cells are hard at work! My guess is a 2004, modern-styled Brunello di Montalcino in the 25-30£ price-range.

  2. Isak Broe siger:

    Thanks a lot!
    That was great fun – keep ’em coming 😉

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