1960s is a legendary decade for Portwine

A Flight of the Sixties is something you should not miss. This is the highlight of the Port Wine Day 2017 and this master class will take us through a very interesting decade. The tasting was conducted by Bento Amaral and a few of the producers. Thank you IVDP for the invitation to this Portwine event.

1960s Portwine
The conclusion after this tasting must be that, based on these wines, this is a legendary decade for Portwine. Only one of the 18 wines tasted was given less than 90 points. That is for me pretty outstanding.…

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Niepoort vertical 1978 – 1992

Niepoort is a fantastic producer of classic Portwine. As you my dear reader might know, I’m a big fan of Niepoort. This was a tasting of Vintage Port ranging from 1978 – 1992. A series of vintages that might not rate as top of class, but still I hoped for a good tasting. The wines showed enormous diversity, with a few highlights, but also a few bad bottles. This is what happens when you have to source from bad suppliers. Some of the bottles for this tasting was bought from a broker in Germany, and some from Portugal. The tasting was hosted by Portvinsklubben af 1981 and I attended as a guest and had the small pleasure of introducing Niepoort before the tasting. This is a strong group of very talented, and experienced, tasters of Portwine. I hope I will participate in more tastings in the coming years.

The wines were served semi-blind; we knew which vintages, but not the order.…

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