Old Madeira, fresh riesling and the best company

Sometimes being at the right place at the right time can give you unique tasting experiences. It is my experience that being close to André Ribeirinho will increase the chances a lot. When he involves his good friend Dirk Niepoort to be a part, then the potential for good wine experiences has no limits. This happened again this year, when we were at the Port Wine Day. We got stuck at a Quinta with not so interesting wines, and on a Saturday night that is not fun. A short time later we were sitting around a table at Quinta do Napoles with Dirk Niepoort as our generous host. I cannot thank Dirk enough for his generosity and hospitality.

These were the wines served to us this evening, and apart from the first one, all wines were served blind.

Mosel Kettern Riesling

2015 D+D Niepoort & Philipp Kettern, Falkenberg, Riesling, Mosel – just what I was craving for.…

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