Guess a wine, win a bottle.

Can you guess the wine????
This is a tasting note after the W.S.E.T. Systematic approach to tasting wine, Diploma Unit 3.  This is the scheme we use when we taste for the final exam on the Diploma exam.

Who can guess the wine? 
Winner gets a bottle of good wine, from my choice.
I will reweal the wine tomorrow.

Bright, medium (-) intensity, straw yellow, small tears


Clean, medium (-), youthfull, dry grass, citrus, dust, peach, toast, a little yeast,


Dry, medium acidity, medium (-) body, medium (+) intensity, medium alcohol, notes of grass, limefruit, toast/bread, chalk – minerality. Medium (-) finish


A good light wine. Nice balance between fruit acidity and intensity.

Please feel free to guess on:

Origin (Country or region):
Age of wine: