2001 Producteurs Plaimont, Plenitude, Madiran

A note made after the WSET Systematic Approach to Tasting Wine.

Appearance: clear, deep garnet with fat legs.

Nose: Clean, medium (+) intensity and developing. Notes of black plums, sweet spice, ginger and cinnamon. Cooked cherries and sweet vanilla oak. Seems a bit rustic and not alle focused.

Palate: dry with medium (+) harsh tannins and medium (+) acidity. High alkohol, my guess 14,5% (label said 14%) Full body and very intens flavour characteristics.

Notes of plums, blackberries, blueberry, cooked marmelade. Oak vanilla, coconut and prune. Very long finish. Seems a bit hot in style, but with a firm tannic structure and balanced acidity. Hot alkohol in the finish that is not all positiv.

Conclusion: Very good, high price. My guess was off, on Australian Cabernet. I knew I was wrong and should have stuck with my strucure feeling saying more traditional area. Would I ever have guessed South West France? I don’t think so.

Madiran rouge

En vin fra et lidt anderledes område