2007 Penfolds, bin 28, Shiraz, Kalimna, Australia

Tasted blind, with WSET tasting group.

Appearance: clear, medium(+) ruby with clear legs

Nose: clean, medium(+) and developing notes of blackberries, raspberry, tobacco, sweet spice and oak vanilla. A little forrest floor and pebber as well.

Palate: dry with medium(+) acidity and medium amount af mature soft tannins. Medium(+) alkohol, medium body, medium(+) intensity. Notes of red currant, raspberry, tobacco, sweet spice, earthy minerallity. Not that complex, but with nice fruity balance and medium length.

Conclusion: good, drink now will not improve, mid priced. Guess wall well out in the forrest in northern Italy. Didn’t seem sweet or clumsy enough to be Australian. Didn’t have enough pebber or bacon to guess in that direction. Must say it’s a very polished wine, easy to drink with very low personality and edge.…

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2001 Producteurs Plaimont, Plenitude, Madiran

A note made after the WSET Systematic Approach to Tasting Wine.

Appearance: clear, deep garnet with fat legs.

Nose: Clean, medium (+) intensity and developing. Notes of black plums, sweet spice, ginger and cinnamon. Cooked cherries and sweet vanilla oak. Seems a bit rustic and not alle focused.

Palate: dry with medium (+) harsh tannins and medium (+) acidity. High alkohol, my guess 14,5% (label said 14%) Full body and very intens flavour characteristics.

Notes of plums, blackberries, blueberry, cooked marmelade. Oak vanilla, coconut and prune. Very long finish. Seems a bit hot in style, but with a firm tannic structure and balanced acidity. Hot alkohol in the finish that is not all positiv.

Conclusion: Very good, high price. My guess was off, on Australian Cabernet. I knew I was wrong and should have stuck with my strucure feeling saying more traditional area. Would I ever have guessed South West France? I don’t think so.…

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2010 Escaravailles, Les Sablieres, Cotes du Rhone

Tasted blind, served a little too cold in a Riedel Vinum Riesling glass.

Appearance: Clear with medium ruby colour and nice legs.

Nose: Clean with medium intensity and developing notes of pebber, black cherries and black schist.

Palate: dry with medium (+) acidity, medium tannins, medium (+) alkohol. Medium body, Medium (+) flavour intensity. Notes of cherry, plum, leather, licorice, blackcurrant, sweet pebber and a hint of yoghurt.

Nice balance between fruit and tannins, leading to a nice medium (+) finish. Very much my style of wine.

Good quality, can drink now but has potential for ageing. My guess was a Gigondas 2009.
Not all bad, but a nice wine that was a pleasure to drink through the evening. Tasting a lot wines blind at the moment, so more notes will follow.


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Gæt en vin, vind en flaske

This is a tasting note according to WSET Diploma Systematic Approach to Tasting WineThe game is easy: guess the wine in my glass, and the person closest to the right wine will get a bottle of wine from me! Don’t get scared, just play along. Only guesses as comments on this Blog, will count.

Appearance: Bright, medium (-), garnet, with red core. Small legs.

Nose: Clean,  medium, with developing notes. Notes of red cherries, fresh plums, leather and dry wood. Herbaceous notes of blackcurrant leaf and fresh basil.

Palate: Dry, medium (+) acidity, medium (+) coarse tannins, medium alcohol, medium body, medium (+) intensity. Notes in balance with the nose: red cherries, some raisins. Oak flavours, toast, cedar. Good balance between acidity, sweetness in the fruit and the flavour intensity. Medium (+) length.

Very good quality, with nice concentration. Can drink now, but will develop further over the next 5 – 10 years.



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