Dyb mineralitet og saftig frugt – ja vi taler om Bourgogne

Jeg var inviteret til en hygge smagning mellem jul og nytår, hvor vi mødtes en håndfuld fra branchen til et glas vin. Emnet var som altid Chardonnay og Pinot Noir. Der kom 2 Champagner på bordet først, som er omtalt her. Her er korte noter til aftenens andre vine.

Ramonet Puligny Montrachet2010 Ramonet, Puligny Montrachet – stod så forbandet flot og knivskarpt at man fik smil på fra øre til øre. Høj mineralitet, som altid hos Ramonet, …

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2010 Burgundy red, notes part 1

2010 Burgundy is a very interesting vintage, especially for red wine. Through my work at Otto Suenson Wine, I’m fortunate to taste a good deal of wine from this already heralded vintage. We have the uncrowned Queen of Burgundy working with us here at Suenson and it was a pleasure tasting these wines with her. These wines have been tasted over a 2 week period at the end of February 2012. All wines were tasted none blind, right after opening and throughout the evenings.

This first entry from these 2 nights will be with the entry red wines. The wines mixed from the 2 occasions. All comments will be very welcome.

2010 Bertrand Ambroise, Bourgogne rouge2010 Bertrand Ambroise, Bourgogne rouge – very juicy style with plenty of typical Burgundy character. This is not a powerful wine, and those who are searching for a wine that could lose in a blind test Vs. New Zealand, could use this to beat up. But,…

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