TN: Niepoort Redoma Branco Douro – white wine with personality!

2008 Niepoort, Redoma Branco, Douro – found this white with a little age in my cellar, and thought it would fit perfect for a lunch with my mother. It was very light colour in the glass, showing no signs of age. The scent rising was as expected; amazing. I was blown away by the fresh minerality, schist and chalk. The fruit flavours was in line of citrus and green apples, but developed into mere tropical fruit. At one time I felt like sipping fresh juice from mangoes. On the palate there was plenty of acidity and a good mouthfeel. Not heavy, but with enough volume to match the intense food. The wine developed for an hour, no problem, but was showing its very best now. I would drink my remaining bottles if I had had some. 90 points.

Niepoort produces this wine as a field blend of indigenous grapes from the Douro region. The wine has not gone through malolactic fermentation, but has been matured for 9 month in french barrique, with the lees. This maintains the freshness and adds complexity.
This is for me true expression of the fantastic potential for white wine from the Douro. Do not underestimate the Douro region for table wines. Dirk Niepoort again shows great character and skills in running this company, producing wines of high quality. Only regret is the small amounts produced.

What is your favorite Niepoort table wine?