Nytårsaften 2014 – menu og vine

Nytårsaften er altid en helt speciel aften, eller det er i hvert fald altid jagten på en speciel aften. I år var vi sammen med 2 gode vennepar og de af vores børn der stadig kan nyde de gamles selskab. Det var en dejlig aften, hvor der måske var lidt for meget mad. Heldigvis var alle retter yderst vellykkede og vinmatch fungerede glimrende hele aftenen.


Menuen blev sat og udviklet over den sidste måned, …

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2009 Graillot, La Guiraude, Crozes-Hermitage

This is a tasting note after the W.S.E.T. Systematic approach to tasting wine, Diploma Unit 3.  This is the scheme we use when we taste for the final exam on the Diploma exam. At this last exam, we will have 3 x 4 wines to taste in 120 minutes. All wines must be noted something like this. In the coming time, I will try to post some tasting notes in this format, for my exercise only. Please feel free to comment.

2009 Alain Graillot, la Guiraude, Crozes Hermitage

The wine looks bright, medium+ color, ruby with purple edge and fat legs

Clean bouquet, medium + intensity, developing, notes of plum, blackcurrants, fishy/salty, black licorice, raisins, black shiffer, pebber,

Taste is dry with medium + acidity, medium tannins, very soft and well integrated, ripe, but with small stalky note.

Medium alcohol, medium body, medium + intensity

Notes of blackcurrants, black cherries, bacon, spice – pebber and cinnamon. Roseflower notes and a bit sweet fruit in the back.

Velvety texture with medium + length.

Very good quality, based on intensity and balance between fruit and acidity. Tannins packed away in the back nice and mellow. Taste is juicy and nice, but will develop over the next 10 – 15 years.


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